Why I have a spiritual director

  1. I need space to be completely open and honest about my own spiritual life; space where I don’t need to be impressive or perfect, space where I can ask hard questions, voice doubts, confess sin, and receive grace.
  2. Spiritual direction is like stopping to breathe deeply. It is yoga for my soul; stretching me, yes, but also bringing a chance to slow down and be a human being instead of a productivity cyclone.
  3. Every month when I sit down with my own director, she helps me notice what I have missed. It’s almost like we play “Where’s Waldo?” with God. Where has God been in my experience? Inevitably, she brings to my attention a new awareness of God at work in and around me. And that feels like a warm cup of coffee on cold day.
  4. When I am busy creating opportunities for prayer for so many others, it gets hard for me to pray. My director notices scripture stories and prayer practices that connect to my life right now and speaks them to me. I feel refreshed that someone is purposefully looking out for my spiritual growth and well-being. Yes, I have the responsibility to then practice them, but I am given a place to start.
  5. Ethically, I am required to stay in direction as long as I am serving in the ministry of direction. That is for not only my own well-being but also for the well-being of all of my directees.

What draws you toward the ministry of spiritual direction?

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