Where I’ve Been

Um…wow. So, it’s been a month since I posted anything. That is hard for me to imagine! I haven’t been on an exotic vacation in this month. I haven’t been deathly ill. I have just been really busy!

The last weekend in April, I had the honor of spending time with more than 500 other spiritual directors in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The international conference was a wonderful experience! I loved sharing the research about millennial spirituality with the group and was so encouraged by their responses.  I intend to share more of the research findings here with you soon.

on the road again

May has been super busy with wonderful possibilities and opportunities. First, a group of women in ministry gathered together for a day retreat to dream about what it might be like to covenant together for a year. I am so excited about walking with these women for year of spiritual formation, mentoring, and relationship building. Second, I spent an afternoon with a group of youth ministers here in the Dallas area sharing with them the dream of eleven:28…to care for their spiritual lives. Being able to care for them before they went out and gave their hearts to another intensive summer of on-the-ground ministry was a joy for me. This past weekend, I was able to share the heart of eleven:28 with more than 70 elders, ministers, and their spouses in Georgetown, Texas. They were so supportive of the mission of this ministry and I was so encouraged by their enthusiasm. Finally, this week I had the honor of working with a team of youth ministers in a day retreat setting as they prepared specifically for the challenges of summer. I found the day to be a gift to my journey with God as well as a day of caring for them.

It is my intention to be more present here on the blog over the next month than the last. I want us to talk about the spirituality of play…it seems appropriate for summertime!

What’s going on in your world?



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