What is Group Spiritual Direction?

On Monday mornings, I gather with 17 people who seek to serve God with their vocation. Together we spend an hour in prayer and in conversation about journeying with God.  Honestly, this is my favorite time of the week.

Each gathering is unique and this week’s time was devoted to noticing God’s presence through our 5 senses. Every person was invited to choose an item from the table and spend about 20 minutes in silent prayer, being aware of the smell, feel, taste, look, and sound of their object. Every person’s response was different and directly tied to a current experience in their own lives and journey with God. Each response was an honest, unique answer to God’s personal call.

After our time in silence, there is always an opportunity to share what God had to say. This sharing is not so that our prayer can be critiqued but so that the group can glean wisdom together by hearing how vast our experiences of God truly are. My faith is stretched and grown by witnessing how others experience God, especially when it is different from my own experience.

This is one example of group spiritual direction: seeking God alongside others with a trusted guide.

Are you part of group that would benefit from group spiritual direction?

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