True Love

So this is my prayer: that your love will flourish and that you will not only love much but well. Learn to love appropriately. You need to use your head and test your feelings so that your love is sincere and intelligent, not sentimental gush. Live a lover’s life, circumspect and exemplary, a life Jesus will be proud of: bountiful in fruits from the soul, making Jesus Christ attractive to all, getting everyone involved in the glory and praise of God.–Philippians 1:9-11


It is the time of year when we are saturated with LOVE. The marker of our love is how many roses we purchase or how amazing the Valentine’s meal tastes. heart-roses1[1]While we, as those who are being changed by the love of the Holy One, know differently in our heads, it can be tough to filter out the measurements. So I offer this reminder today:

True love is sincere and intelligent.

True love is bountiful in soul fruit.

True love is inclusive and exemplary.

May your true love life, the life you dedicate to following the call of God on your soul, strive towards these truths.

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