The Transfiguration and Lent

Luke 9 records for us the strange and beautiful story of Jesus going up on a mountain to pray and being met by Moses and Elijah. While on the mountain, Jesus’ physical form was changed so that his face shone. And then the voice of God says, “This is my beloved son, whom I have chosen. Listen to him!” For once in his life, Peter was speechless.

The reading of the story of the Transfiguration precedes Lent in the gospel readings. The invitation is for us, like Peter, to become speechless as we listen to Jesus.

How was your weekend of listening? Were you able to identify some places where you resist God?

If so, you are now ready to decide what practice would help you in opening up that place to God. It’s possible that fasting from a crutch, like food or Facebook or talk radio, will allow you to feel more deeply that which you hide from others and yourself. Its possible that setting aside 15 minutes every day of Lent to be silent before God will allow you to identify why you resist. Its possible that driving a different route to work each day or turning off the TV at night will open up new space in you. The practice, or discipline, is never the real point.

The point is: how will you deliberately open yourself up to God?

While the Liturgical calendar is a great tool for walking us through seasons of the year, it is just a tool. There is no law that says your Lenten practice must begin on Wednesday. The heart of Lent is to draw you nearer to God. So, stop. Listen to Jesus. Trust the mystery. Wait for clarity that the Spirit of God brings for how to move forward.

Come to God and say, “I want to be all Yours. I want to listen to You. Show me how.” open hand

When the certainty comes and you have chosen a practice for Lent, I would love to hear about it! Please comment or message me. It would be an honor to be helpful to you in the coming weeks.


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