The Secret Life of Ministry

It is Thursday of Holy Week. You need to know that your ministers, pastors, and church assistants, and really, anyone who volunteers at your church is tired.

The weeks leading up to Easter carry a special weight. It is a holy and good weight that your pastors carry gladly but it is still weighty. They have stuffed eggs with candy. They have coordinated egg hunts for every weather contingency. They have prepared extra services and activities. They have carefully pursued advertising that is appropriate and meaningful. They have prayed, mightily, over every moment of Sunday.

Your pastors do this out a deep sense of love for you. They long for you to experience the servant heart of Jesus as you partake in Seder. They hope that you will rediscover a God who suffers with you as you hold vigil on Good Friday.  They want you to encounter the resurrection story again, from this place where you are today, not last Easter. They want you to feel the power that raised Jesus from the dead. They are sold out to helping you live more fully into the story of Easter.

But here is what you need to know: they need Easter in their hearts, too. It is holy, and exhausting, work to carry this special load. Your pastor needs Easter to dawn  for themselves as well. They need to remember that Easter power is not just for you, their congregations, it is for them as well. I am asking you to commit to standing in the gap for them, as do for you.


Will you commit to praying this weekend for your pastor to hear the echo of an empty tomb this Sunday morning?

Will you commit this season of spring to pray for your minister to experience the power of new life in their own spiritual journey? Slow bloomers

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