The LORD is my Salvation; Week 3, Day 2

This week we remember that Jesus not only came as a baby, but he also grew up into a man who was, and is, the salvation of the world.  He is your salvation, too. Will you make room for him?

Day 2

Read together Philippians 1:6  I am sure that God who began the good work in you will keep on working in you until the day Jesus Christ comes again.

If possible, gather pictures that show each of your family members as infants. As you look at them together ask, “Do any of us look like this today?” Remember together how much everyone has grown and changed, even just in the last year.

God wants us to grow and change, too. He created us so that our bodies will grow and change. God also created us so that our souls grow and change as well.  How can we see that our souls are growing or changing? (Encourage every member of your family to think about this and list one way we might know.)

He came just like every baby…needing to be fed and held and even have his diapers changed. But Jesus also grew from a baby to an adult just like any other human being. Is Jesus alive today? Where is he? (yes, in heaven) Jesus is also alive in you. How can you know if Jesus is alive and growing in you? (Many of these answers might look similar to the answers above and that is great.)

Pray together: Jesus, please grow in _________________(name each member of your family). In fact, Jesus, grow so big that you crowd out the parts of us that keep us away from you. (Wait in silence together to listen for what Jesus has to say.) End together with, “Come Lord Jesus.”

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