The LORD is my Salvation; Week 3, Day 1

This week we remember that Jesus not only came as a baby, but he also grew up into a man who was, and is, the salvation of the world.  He is your salvation, too. Will you make room for him?

Day 1:  Read together from Isaiah 12

 In days to come, the people of Israel will sing,

Lord, we will praise you.
You were angry with us.
But now your anger has turned away from us.
And you have brought us comfort.
2 God, you are the one who saves us.
We will trust in you.
Then we won’t be afraid.
Lord, you give us strength.
We sing about you.
Lord, you have saved us.”
3 People of Israel, he will save you.
That will bring you joy like water that is brought up from wells.

Ask each family member to name their favorite family memory. If it helps, pull out a scrapbook or photo album to remember together. After each member of the family has shared, ask: What makes us a family? Let every give an answer of some kind (our last name, our shared experiences, our love, etc.)

God wants us to be in His family. God has a scrapbook, too. In it, God has all the people who have ever lived on this earth. God knows all of their names and wants all of them to be in the family. But, what could God do so that everyone could be in the family?

We know that we can’t love God enough by ourselves, right? The first two weeks of these times together have reminded us that God wants all of our love but that we can’t do that by ourselves. Isn’t it amazing that God loves us so much that he already knew that we couldn’t do this by ourselves? God sent Jesus to save us. God sent Jesus so that we can be in God’s family.

Pray together: Thank you, God, that you want us in your family! Thank you that you loved us so much that you gave us Jesus! Please God, help __________ (insert each family member’s name) live like part of your family. (Wait in silence together to listen for God’s answer.) Close together with “Come, Lord Jesus!”

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