Find a Soul Care Provider


Rhesa’s most frequent directees are women seeking new ways of discovering God.  She offers spiritual direction and retreats.

Trey Finley

Trey coaches pastors leaving ministry and business professionals seeking a soul-centered approach to a coaching relationship.


Celeste loves to accompany people who are hungry for growth in spiritual practices, exploring new areas of faith, or deconstructing old beliefs that don’t seem to fit anymore.

Rachel Conner

Rachel most frequently offers spiritual direction to executive leaders in all walks of life.

jeremy harrison

Jeremy frequently provides spiritual direction to pastors and spiritual leaders in all walks of life.

Suzanne Halbert

Suzanne is honored to sit alongside people as they discover the love God has for them, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community.


Rev.Hardesty-Crouch is a spiritual director and retreat leader, and a HeartPaths gfaculty since 2009.  He is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.

Drew Dixon

Drew cares deeply for people who are looking for spiritual support beyond the church in pursuit of growth, healing, and connection.