Services Offered

eleven:28 offers many services to churches and ministers.

  • Individual spiritual direction is offered in person, via phone, or skype. The fee is $50 an hour and most directees meet once a month with a director. Many ministers consider this as part of their “professional development budget.”


  • Group spiritual direction is a offered in a small group setting, often as a staff. Fees are based on the number present as well as how often the group desires to meet.


  • Retreats are offered as a way for a group to spend intensive time together being formed spiritually. Fees are based on the number present and how many days are involved.


  • Speaking and teaching are offered as a way for a church, as a whole, to invest in their spiritual formation. Fees are negotiable and should include travel.


  • Sabbatical journeys are offered as an intensive personal retreat for ministers on Sabbatical from their churches. These are retreats done in real life time, not just away at a retreat center. Fees are based on how long the sabbatical will be and the number of session desired.


For more information about any of these, please contact us at