What Is Spiritual Direction

What Is Spiritual Direction Again?

Spiritual Direction is an ancient art of listening for God’s movement in a person’s experience alongside a trusted companion on the journey. While Spiritual Direction is not counseling or therapy, there is an element of learning who you are in the context of your own story, noticing God’s presence, and recognizing how to give yourself to God in that story. A Spiritual Director is not an authoritative figure in this discovery but rather a fellow pilgrim seeking God.

Randy Harris, spiritual director and professor at Abilene Christian University:

“When I did pastoral counseling it often seemed like I was getting into the conversation too late. I wondered if there was a way to get further upstream and help people pursue their life with God before¬†crises hit. Spiritual direction was a path that helps Christians attend to their spiritual life in good times, and bad, and attend to God in all of life rather than just solve the latest problem.”