Spiritual Direction, Patience, and A Man Called Ove

I might be addicted to reading, and more specifically, reading fiction. Stories reveal a great deal about human nature and are so compelling that I tend to compulsively finish one in a day—while ignoring tasks, people, and even food. There are some classics that I read every year, such as the entire Harry Potter series, but I also relish the thrill of finding a new character. All are opportunities to experience places I have never been, live in a time that I didn’t experience, and study these fascinating creatures called humans.

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Outside the Village

It’s the parking spot we were sure we’d remember, then spent 15 minutes hunting for only to realize it was one aisle away the whole time. It’s a person we were looking intently for in the crowd only to find them less than ten feet away. When our senses are...

Before, During, and After Employment

“You have received instructions about [Mark]; if he comes to you, welcome him.”  Colossians 4:10    The Teammate Who Left A trained expositor, philosopher, and observer, Paul’s fingerprints can be found all over Christian history. For both good and ill, Paul’s...

Permission Granted

I set out to write this week about healthy exits from ministry.  I wanted to write about churches partnering with their ministers who were leaving to help them land softly at whatever was next.  I wanted to write about positive steps a (former) minister can take to...