Soul Care

Counseling. Coaching. Mentoring. Pastoring. Exercise. Diet. Yoga. Meditating.

There are many forms of “care” these days. Whether it’s triage in physical therapy or psychotherapy, preventative through diet and exercise, or mental through coaching and counseling, the self-help industry has never been bigger.

Where does soul care fit?

Soul care is based on the premise that what we are doing, thinking, and feeling is born out of the health and wellbeing of our soul. Doing, thinking, and feeling are expressions and defense mechanisms for the truest self.
From the spiritual direction relationship and the time-tested historical disciplines of the Judeo-Christian faith, we can expect to see a deeper experience of the Divine, a healthier understanding of self, and an openness to formative relationships. At eleven:28, we define these as:

Deep friendships.


Shared experiences.


Spiritual disciplines.

Those who honor the spirit of eleven:28 through their presence on this site are committed to providing all three experiences to those who seek out soul care.