Soul Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sunday night, we (Trey’s family) listened to the sound of heavy rain outside while we huddled at home.  In honoring our leaders’ requests, we had canceled a sleepover for our younger son, prepared for a “home school” on Monday, and asked whether or not we should gather with family this coming weekend to celebrate birthdays.  The upside was that we were together watching Frozen 2 on Disney+ and enjoying a meal together.  

Without warning, a bolt of lightning struck very close to our home.  We think it struck the house just behind us and across the alley.  It was so close, so bright, and so loud that all four of us were shaken to the point of raised pulses, weak knees, and rapid breathing.  It would be a couple of hours before we had completely settled down from this bolt of energy that we had no control over.  We were unsettled and anxiously looked out the window hoping not to see further lightning.

It occurred to us that we’ve all felt lightning strike nearby.  We’ve all been startled at deafening thunder.  Why did this sudden thunderstorm affect us differently?  It would seem to be at least in part because worry and uncertainty had piled up over the last several days.  Schools are closing. Businesses are at risk of shutting down. Churches didn’t meet together at a building this week. We’ve been encouraged to stay in our homes and to practice social distancing. 

All of these can eat away at our soul unless we practice good soul health. Physical hygiene isn’t the only hygiene we need to be faithful to. Our reaction to the lightning made it clear that our souls need care as well.  A sudden loud noise affected us more because our personal resources are depleted.

Refill your soul regularly during what increasingly looks like a “new normal” for our society. We’re providing a few resources that we hope will help.

  1. We will be recording, archiving, and sharing spiritual formation exercises on our Facebook page. You can join us live at 3 pm CT on Facebook or you can catch the recordings later when we re-post them.
  2. We will be reaching out by phone to every person in our database – donor, church leader, or just a friend. We want to know how it is with your soul.
  3. Stay up with our Instagram and Twitter feeds as we share other resources we find online.
  4. Sign up for our newsletter to have these resources delivered straight to your email box. (Use the box on the right.)

Know that you’re going to experience compassion fatigue if you’re a church leader. Expect to have depleted resources for the other events in your life. Rest. Practice self care. Do a little less when you can. Remember that we are the beloved community of God.

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