I have lived all of my life in Texas, where seasons are merely idyllic mirages. The only way Texans know spring has arrived is when it hails. When the air conditioner is off at night, at least once a week, you know autumn has arrived. Generally, winter is considered to have arrived when the temperature stays below 65 degrees for more than three consecutive days. Summer is essentially every other day that does not fit the above descriptions. Ultimately, seasons don’t provide us with clear weather expectations in Texas.

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Pruning An Overgrown Tree

Eleven28's policy is that every four years, full-time employees take a forty day sabbatical.  On July 1, I will have been full-time with eleven28 for four years.  It's time for a short rest.  Here are my thoughts about where God and I will intersect during this rest....

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Needing treatment to restore mental health isn’t shameful, nor is it exceptional.  I share my mental health journey in hopes that it will lead other church leaders to do what I’ve done – admit I need help and get it. --TreyI thought it was déjà vu. Helping our student...

Mothers’ Day Justice

The first iteration of this article was written the day after Mother’s Day 2020.  Ahmaud Arbery’s death was the first in a string of police involved shootings of black men that became the grounds for national and international outrage.  It was also an election year as...