One of the rhythms that I have come to find very necessary in my life is to retreat. No, I’m not at war or battle. Getting away, being re-created, resting. These are the goals that call me.

In the words of  The 5 Love Languages, quality time communicates love to me. When I have been pouring my energy out for the sake of others, I must pull away to spend time with God. Otherwise, I find myself dry, tired, and unable to give.

I attended my first guided retreat 4 years ago, almost to the day. For a week, I was away from my work and my family while being led in practices of prayer and worship. One of the more tangible results from that time was my attempt at personalizing Psalm 103. May it serve as a blessing to you today, calling your soul to run away with God.

Psalm 103, as re-written by Rhesa on retreat:

Bless the LORD, O my soul

And all that is within me…

All the love and fear

All the anger and peace

All the dreams and doubts

All the kindness and indifference.


You can find the rest of my Psalm 103 here, at Spiritual Ministries Institute, where I am honored to serve on the board.

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