Questions for Examen

Spiritual Disciplines Handbook by Adele Calhoun is one of my favorite comprehensive resources. In this expansive book, she gives a quick overview of more than 40 spiritual practices to deepen your experience of God. She also offers suggestions for practicing each that are tangible and not overwhelming. Below are some questions from this wonderful book that you can use to springboard your own practice of examen:

For what moment today am I most grateful? Least grateful?

When did I give and receive the most love today? The least love?

What was the most life-giving moment of my day? What was the most life-sapping moment of my day?

When today did I have the deepest sense of connection with God, others, and myself? Least sense of connection?

Where was I aware of living out of the fruit of the Spirit? Where was there an absence of the Spirit?


One that I would add is, when was I most aware of God loving me? Least aware?

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