Practicing Examen with Children

As a mother and as a spiritual director, I am often asked how to teach children to practice spiritual disciplines. Most of the time my answer is very simple: model it for them!

Here are some ways that I practice examen with my own children, ages 10, 9, and 5.

  • Play “I Spy God” as you take a nature walk
  • Ask for the high and low from their day at the dinner table
  • During bedtime prayers, ask them how they know God loves them
  • When I tell them I love them, I add that God loves them even more that I can
  • During the “occasional” (HA!) opportunity to discipline or correct, I ask them to reflect on God’s feelings about their behavior. Then, I assure them that God always loves them and that God’s love asks them to live in love at all times.

How have you practiced examen with children?

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