Playing with Prayer: Color

Today’s invitation to playing with prayer is brought to you by the idea and love of COLOR!

  1. The first invitation is to grab some sidewalk chalk and just color! You are not seeking to create a work of art here, you are simply allowing color to express the state of your soul. So, as you sit on your hot sidewalk, take a few deep breaths and ask God to be with you. Then, choose whatever color you feel drawn to. Don’t over think it! Create! Play! Enjoy!
  2. The second invitation has two variations. You can either, plant some colorful flowers that you enjoy–in a pot, a window box, or a flower bed. Don’t get dragged down into specifics about growth rate and successful flowering. Just choose the ones that bring a sense of joy to you. OR, go pick some wildflowers and leave a bouquet somewhere you can enjoy it often. Whenever you notice these bright spots of color, invite yourself to notice and savor the beauty. It is a gift from God!



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