Pastor Appreciation Month: Offerings

October is Pastor Appreciation Month! How are you showing your gratitude to those who pour out their lives on behalf of your spiritual well-being?

Here is a quick, easy way: you can support The Center for Spiritual Formation! The heart of this work is to care for the spiritual lives of ministers and pastors. Your donations can help forward that work.

A donation of any size is helpful. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Donate $20 for your pastor or minister’s name to appear on the Center’s Facebook page with a note of appreciation from you.
  • Donate $100 for your church’s entire staff to have access to an online course in contemplative spirituality.
  • Donate $300  to sponsor a day retreat for your church staff  to attend to the spiritual care of your ministers.
  • Donate $500  to sponsor a weekend retreat for your church staff  to attend to the spiritual care of your ministers.
  • Donate $600 in the name of a particular staff member in order for them to receive a year of one on one spiritual direction.

The button below will take you to The Center’s PayPal account.

Thank you for partnering with us!

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