Partnerships: Hope Network

In the coming weeks, I hope to announce to you several  new partnerships that are forming right now. Each of them are born from the same desire: how can we support ministers?

The first of these, I am pleased to tell you, is with Hope Network. Hope Network was founded by Lynn Anderson with the goal of forming a safety net,a  support net for ministers. Lynn gave years of his life to travel to monthly meetings with small groups of ministers. Here, he invested his own years of wisdom into their lives. He challenged them to be spiritually formed by the words of the Psalmist and to live lives of great joy in their calling of vocational ministry.

Lynn has now passed the reins of this ministry on to new partners who are dedicated to continuing his work. These dedicated partners have written a short e-book that you can download on their website.

a free ebook written by the partners of Hope Network

a free ebook written by the partners of Hope Network

Hope Network now has three areas where they can help churches and ministers:

  • Consulting
  • Interim
  • Mentoring

I was honored to become a partner with Hope Network at the end of October in the Mentoring area. This partnership creates one more outlet for me to actively hold space for ministers and leaders in churches to be true seekers of God.

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