Restoring Church Leaders

eleven:28 exists to help leaders thrive within the Kingdom of God by cultivating soul care.

Take Time To Pray

Pray for yourself, for a loved one or for a situation. Whatever is going on, make space to pray in your life.

Provide soul care for faith leaders

meet our


Covenant Groups have provided soul care for women across the nation since 2014. Meeting both regionally and nationally, these soul care groups have helped women stay resilient and resist burnout through deep friendships, shared experiences, and spiritual practices.



Hours of Soul Care

The Glass House Project

Since the beginning of eleven:28, we’ve been talking about the spiritual toll that results from working in churches. It’s not always bad, but it is almost always intense. When someone works in the midst of trauma weekly, even daily, that trauma takes a toll. When that trauma is compounded by ministry’s ongoing mirror into one’s own soul, that soul is in jeopardy of burnout or worse.

The Rush to Return

The Rush to Return

Do you have that music phase that makes you shake your head?  It's the one where you shrug to yourself and confess, “No idea what happened there." Country music was that phase for me.  One song has stayed with me, though: Alabama’s “I’m in a Hurry”....