Covenant Groups

Watch Our Documentary on Women in Ministry

What if Women Gathered together as Mutual Travelers?

What if we shared in being shaped into the image of Christ?

What if we pooled our experiences to help each other in our work?

What if we discovered spiritual friendship that feeds the soul?

Covenant Groups offer spiritual vitality to women through monthly meetings of spiritual practices, group discernment and deep relationships.

Group members commit to meeting monthly together.

Groups are led by trained spiritual directors, experienced in creating space for soul care and deep friendships.

Meet Our Group Leaders

Deanna Gemmer
Virtual Groups
Rhesa Higgins
Dallas, TX
Cynthia Ownby
Houston, TX
Virtual Groups
Betsy Stratton
Dallas, TX

Picture Unvailable

Jonita Fair-Payton
Houston, TX
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Your Next Steps

Contact us to learn more about virtual groups or local groups starting in your area.

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