New Year’s Discernment

It must be January.




Every commercial is for fitness wear, diet pills, and gym memberships.


It must be January.






That sounds cynical, doesn’t it?

I haven’t always been such a critic of resolutions. There was a time that I lived by them: put pictures to motivate me up on the walls, wrote reminders to pop up once a week to help me remember, and celebrated accomplishing goals that I had set out to achieve.

But there came a time when I stopped to wonder: why am I doing this and who is it for?

Those questions cut to my soul. All of my resolutions had been about my drive, my achievement, and my goals. That year, instead,  I resolved to spend the month of January asking God, “What do YOU want me to do with this year?”

The answers were nothing I would have come up with on January 1st.

This month, I hope that we can have a conversation about discernment. What does it mean to look for God in every aspect of our life?  How do we know what God is calling us toward? How can we be sure about what God wants from us?

Hear me say that I think there is a place for resolutions, for changing, and for fresh starts. However, Yahweh was the inventor of starting over and I think we would be wise to work with the Creator, who makes all things new.

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