Millennial Spirituality

I’m tired of the news.   NEWS!

I’m tired of hearing every single day that the millennial generation is the root of all evils in the current society. Ok, maybe the news doesn’t actually say that but, there is a lot of negative press about the millennial generation. In particular, the church (I am referring here to the universal world of Christianity) has been really hard on millennials.

There has been research to prove that they are leaving churches in droves and that they, as a generation, don’t have a firm sense of belief. One could interpret that millennials are nothing but bad news.

I don’t believe the propaganda and I’m out to prove it.

Maybe the reason that we only hear negative things about millennials is that we are only asking negative questions. So, let’s try this a different way. Along with a colleague from Spiritual Director’s International, I am launching a survey asking the millennial generation to tell us about their experience of spirituality. I want to hear what they think about faith and religion and God. And I want to hear because I think they have things we (non-millennials) need to learn from.

So, the survey opens today. It will close in March. If you are a millennial,  or you work with millennials, please pass this link on!

Millennial Spirituality

The survey is only 9 questions and shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Please help us tell the whole story of a generation’s experience of God.

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