Life Backwards

In the local church where I serve, it has been a long hard 4 weeks. We have buried men too young. We have held vigil for a single mother to live. We have engaged in hard conversations about being true to God’s Spirit and the Bible. I am weary. I feel it in my very body…not just tired, but weary. My soul is heavy.

The following poem (loose interpretation of that word) began as a reflection on the mixed up natural seasons here in Texas. The words began to take life in me as I watched my wilted flower beds bloom again, in the wrong season.  It has grown to represent more to me…images of loss and death mixed with beauty and life. Feelings forced into words to symbolize my aching heart.


Life Backwards


October is a second spring

with pallets deeper

and days shorter.


Summer is a different winter

with absent rain

and scorching heat.


October is a second spring

where vibrance bursts

before life surrenders.  –Rhesa Higgins

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