Grateful for Marriage

“and the two shall become one…”  It is such a mysterious thing. How do 2 become 1? Even I know that is really bad math. Fourteen years ago there were two young, really young, people with dreams and hopes and very little else.

But now, it is hard to know where one one of us ends and the other begins. We are one- this life that we live is our life. It moves in the rhythms that we have established for it. Without one of us, beats are missed and notes are flat.

The me that exists today is a me that has been, and continues to be, shaped by being married to you. And that is a mysterious and wonderful thing.

And what amazes me about it all is that being one grew softly and quietly. I can’t pinpoint a moment that I knew it was happening ~ there are a million insignificant moments that it happened in. ~ from my journal on our 14th wedding anniversary

I am grateful for the journey of marriage that has shaped and changed me. I am grateful for the wonderful man I share life with. I am grateful for walking together through unexpected challenges and joys. I am grateful to live a love that is forming me into a closer reflection of my first love.

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