Grateful for Celebrations

Some parties are just too good to miss, even for an introvert like me.

Some friends are just too dear and your history with them is just too deep to ever miss an important moment.

And when both happen at once, you better be ready with a grateful heart.

We watched two wonderful people pledge to ‘honor, love, and cherish for as long as they both shall live’ this weekend. Every wedding is a beautiful beginning to a story that God is just starting and I love to witness a wedding. But this wedding was even more meaningful for me.

This wedding was a moment that dripped with grace.

The parents of the bride are precious friends to our family. They are the kind of people who drive 4 hours to visit you in the hospital. They are the kind of friends that you have shared dinner, laughter, and important conversation with more times than you can count anymore. They are the kind of friends that you pick right up with, no matter how long it has been since you talked. They are the kind of friends that you will walk beside through thick, thin, ugly, and downright nasty. And when you have friendships with that kind of depth, celebrating together takes on a new glow.

This wedding was a thin space, where God was the oxygen in the room.

This wedding was an incarnation of redemptive love…in flesh, blood, and tears.

This wedding was a holy joy to behold.

And I am so grateful not only for the celebration of a wedding but for the years of backdrop that created such a lovely panorama to behold that celebration.

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