Finishing Well

We really will begin the new series, I promise. I made the mistake of beginning the series while I am still in my summer feast of reading fiction. I can’t seem to stop reading long enough to write about it!

Today, though, I want to ask you to stop and consider the past 12 weeks or so of summertime. As you sit quietly, allow memories to flood your mind. Look for moments of deep connection with friends and family and offer thanks. Look for moments of challenge and growth and offer thanks. Look for moments of rest and offer thanks. Look for moments of play and offer thanks. In each of these moments, God was present. Praise be to God!

I am one who really likes, and needs, visual reminders. So, I am setting out to build an “altar” of thanksgiving to God for the summer of 2013.  I think it might end up being an album of pictures but it won’t just be to decorate my coffee table. It will be a touch-point in the busy days of fall ahead to remember: God was here.

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