Take a moment to reflect on your day with this self-guided examen.

Take your time on each step.


Quiet your mind and remove all distractions around you.  Notice where you feel tension in your body.  Where do you feel stress?  Begin at your head and work your way down from your neck all the way to your feet.


Count slowly to 30, completely still and quiet.  If a thought comes, acknowledge it.  Then set it aside for a moment.


Slowly and deliberately review your day.  No judgement of self or others.  Only curiosity.  Now, follow these four prompts.


Review your day for moments to give thanks.   Notice the thoughts and feelings you had in that moment.  Take note of your body, too.  What physical sensations did that moment bring?


Choose one of those feelings, thoughts, or sensations.  It could be either positive or negative.


Describe that moment – the feelings, thoughts, and sensations – to God.  Tell God the story of that moment.


Now, bring your mind, heart, and body back to the present moment.  Notice what has changed and what has not.  Give thanks for these few moments.