Recently, I borrowed a book from a friend titled, “Why the Mystics Matter Now”. I love the brief but meaningful synopsis of seven of the great mystic’s contributions.

The chapter on Meister Eckhart has really stuck with me. I didn’t know much about him before I read this so that is probably part of my interest. However, the following quote intrigues, challenges, and even haunts me. How does it sit with you?

“But how do we cultivate the detachment that leads to receptivity?…A first step could be to recognize the deep hostility within ourselves to accepting the fact that we are not our own source. We need to recognize that we in the West live in a culture that values achievement and doing over simply existing. We need, at the outset, a care self-scrutiny, examining the way in which we seek to master and control the world. And we need to act intentionally to give up that control, precisely at those places where we seek to have it most.”

Will you open up your expectations to what God is doing?

Will you open up your expectations to what God is doing?

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