Come, Lord Jesus

Come, Lord Jesus: A Family Makes Room

An invitation for your family to pray together as Christmas draws near


For the month of December, I will be posting  simple, short devotionals for your family to use together as Christmas approaches. There are three devotionals for each week; please use them as they make sense in your family’s schedule. You can do each one on a different day or do them in one day at successive mealtimes, or whatever else feels right.

This season leading up to Christmas invites us to pause and remember: Jesus came and will come again. As we remember together, we also prepare together so that our hearts are found to have room for this new life that has come to dwell.

Each devotional ends with a time of prayer. I encourage you to invite each member of your family to pray, even very young children. Close each time of prayer with the simple phrase, “Come, Lord Jesus” spoken aloud together.

May these moments together provide rich conversation for spiritual growth in your family.


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