Bookshelf: Anatomy of the Soul

Anatomy of the Soul by Dr.  Curt Thompson


Summary: A neuroscientific explanation of spiritual transformation from the perspective of a psychiatrist and believer. This book includes specific practices for individuals and groups who desire spiritual maturing.

Suggested audience: pastors, ministers, spiritual directors, Christian therapists, mature believers

Favorite quotes:

“We have failed to see that this need to be right, to be rationally orderly and correct, subtly but effectively prevents us from the experience of being known, of loving and being loved, which is the highest call of humanity.” Page 17

“Your relationship with God is a direct reflection of the depth of your relationship with others.” Page 24

“Our reactions to the Bible are rooted in our own stories.” Page 140

“Sin is the state of being separated or disconnected from God OR behaviors that lead to or exemplify that separation.” Page 183

“God’s movement toward and away from us is one means by which God encourages growth in our flexibility and resilience in the face of the emotional distress we sense in the absence.” Page 187

“The contemplative tradition of Christian spirituality rightly emphasizes that we are never apart from God.” Page 216

“It is as if forgiveness fills the room, waiting for us, and confession merely opens our hearts to receive its flood of relief, joy, and freedom.” Page 230

“The ascent of love reaches its peak in the experience of being known by the One who is complete.” Page 244

“The path to developing loving communities:

  • The process of being known
  • The experience of feeling felt
  • The encounter of being validated but never coddled
  • Being cared for but not overwhelmed or patronized
  • Being fulling understood while called into proper risk-taking adventure
  • Being healed and awakened to growth, compassion, and responsibility.” Page 249


My rating: 5 out of 5 stars. This is an excellent look at spiritual formation!

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