A Prayer for the Future

Loving God,

As I plan and prepare,

as I make notes and prioritize,

as I fill in my calendar with appointments, ideas, and agendas,

You are there.


As I worry and fret,

as I scramble and fear,

as I fantasize about worse-case scenarios,

You are already there.


So here, right now,

I admit that I am not in that future moment.

I confess that I don’t know how best to prepare.

I acknowledge my limits as finite creature.

And I offer you my fears.

My fears about loss, grief, pain, and inadequacy.


As I bring myself honestly to You,

I discover that You are already there;

You will have filled each of the days on my calendar with love.

Even when paths seem challenging,

You will not have deserted me. You are already there.


And You are here, right now.

You are love, hope, light, and joy.

You will be love, hope, light, and joy then as well.

You are.

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