A blessing for my daughter

Dearest one,

You are a go-to kind of girl who always has a great plan for what should could come next. You are bright and bold. You are confident and immediate. You are growing into an amazing young woman who I am very proud of.

You are also sometimes bossy and commanding, even when the situation is not yours to command. You struggle to be gentle, especially when you are sure that your way is best. You have little patience for those who process differently than you. You are becoming aware that these traits separate you from others emotionally and that causes you pain.

Precious girl, your strength of character is a gift from God. I never want you to lose touch with that strength or to doubt its source. You are like the ocean: beautiful, deep, and powerful. But just like the ocean, when you overstep the natural barriers that God created for you to operate in, you become harmful. There are high-tide seasons and low-tide seasons, my love, and you must learn to name them appropriately and live within those boundaries.

There are times when your daddy and I will be your sea wall, stopping you in your tracks. You will resent that containment and yet, that is the work that God has given us to do. There are times when we will be your beach, allowing you to wash over and change us. You will relish that freedom, and that is work that God has given us to do. There are times that we will marvel at your beauty and you will doubt our sincerity. And that is work that God has given us to do. There are times when we will be a rowboat, harnessing your natural direction for movement. You will carry that load well and that is the work that God has given us to do.

I love you, sweet girl, and thank God for you every day. Today, I am especially grateful for a new morning with new mercies, for both of us.




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